Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Do you have technical support for your products?

Of course! Our friendly and knowledgeable team are available to answer your questions 24/7/365 online or call us at the office during our normal business hours.

Will my turf fade?

Absolutely not! Our fibers have a warranty on it for 8 years against ultraviolet degradation and fading. What does that mean? Your turf is designed NOT to fade and usually lasts longer than you ever imagined.

How long will my turf last?

Unlike natural turf, this stuff lasts almost forever! The actual life span of the turf is about 15-20 years depending on the area, traffic and installation. The turf has a warranty for eight years and will last much longer than that. At my old house, we installed our turf in 2005, and it still looks just as good today as it did when it was installed.

Will the turf drain?

Synthetic Turf has drainage holes in the backing of the material. The turf is very similar to natural turf and will often drain better than natural grass. The perforated holes allow for water to drain vertically into the base material installed.  Infill acts as a filter as well. As long as you prepare the base accordingly and address any drainage issues before you install turf, you won’t have issues with the turf itself.

What is infill? Do we really need it?

Yes all turf should have infill in it. Infill is the “stuff” you see on TV when the guys playing football kick or slide around and you see the black stuff move out of the ground. In this case football teams are using crumb rubber as infill. Crumb rubber infill is installed to give the turf more cushion for the athletes playing on the football field. In warm climates we don’t suggest installing rubber as it has a tendency to make the turf feel hotter. We have found the best infill happens to be our Eco Infill. It is a sand-like product that helps weigh the turf down, helps prevent matting and is designed to keep the turf a little bit cooler. Our Eco Infill retains 55% of its weight in water, so it will seem cooler on the hot summer days. Another benefit of the Eco Infill is that it helps neutralize ammonia which causes pet odor. I know it sounds like a miracle product…but it really works well!

Are we going to have a problem with weeds?

A weed barrier is advisable in areas where natural grass has been removed and turf is installed. Also, areas prone to weeds should have weed barrier installed. Yes, weeds can eventually grow through the turf drainage holes or along perimeter areas where turf meets a concrete patio or sidewalk. Also weeds may creep up on you if the base wasn’t thick enough or if the removal wasn’t completed adequately. On occasion you may still find a weed, but the good news is – weed killer doesn’t hurt turf – so spray away!

What’s your return policy?

All of our orders are custom cut. We do not offer any returns unless product is defective and accompanied by a return authorization number. Not sure on what to order? Ask us – we are here to help!